Earn a living while learning to earn a living

As any university student can tell you, unless of course your parents have an oil well in the back garden, that doing a stint or two in the local boozer is a right of passage as well as a means of earning while you learning.

If you still temping in the local this article is not for you, that comes later when you finally learn that living to work is very different to working to live.

The object of earning money is of course primarily to purchase substance to keep the body functions functioning and then if there is anything left over to use to enjoy your one life given you.

Your Key to Financial Freedom

The ratio of enjoyment to basic sustenance is governed by how much you earn, obviously?

So would it not make sense to earn more, if possible?

As long as you have the capacity to learn it is of course possible, and if you are not earning you should be learning how.

So saying you should be learning how to earn more is really just a cliche and a little meaningless with out some form of direction.

Learning without direction can be frustrating and possibly pointless if you have no end game, plan or goal.

There are many “gurus” out there who will promise great things for little effort and even less money. The first thing to learn is that generally if you pay nothing you get back the same, nothing. By pay I don’t mean get your hands in your pocket I mean invest (pay) your time and effort. If putting some effort into your future is an alien concept then this is not for you.

There is a site out there in cyber-land that will teach you everything you need to know about eCommerce and affiliate marketing, including two free hosted websites with all the know how to get them up and running, for nothing, in terms of money, time and effort yes, money no.

Of any interest to you?

If you live in the real World where bricks and mortar shops are rapidly becoming a memory this site will be of interest to you. 

Have a look, you have nothing to lose but perhaps much to gain.

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