Run in the right direction

It can be quite safely said that you have very little chance of reaching your goal by running in the wrong direction.

Achieving your goals, how ever simple or complex they may be, can be difficult and made more so because a lot of the time we “do not know what we do not know,” or put more simply you need to learn what it is that gives you the ability to achieve your goals by learning new skills, skills you may not know you need or are even aware of their existence.

The right direction would be where learning would not be a financial issue and preferably offered you a way of making money too.

It does not matter what industry you are in or even if goal is not to make money but just to share an interest or hobby of yours,though if enough people are interested you are going to make money whether you like it or not!

We are in the electronic age, no surprises there, and in order to achieve a measure of success in what ever it is you are trying to do you need to learn how to do it.

Where do you go to learn? School college, university, on line, it does not matter where you learnt what ever you have learnt to date, the one common denominator was that, in order to learn something, someone who knew what he was talking about was needed to teach you.. right?

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