Your Ability determines your financial stability.

Quite true to be sure however what determines your ability?

Ability can be described as “the competence in an activity or occupation because of one’s skill, training, or other qualification”.

School sets you off in a direction that fortunately for many is something like the path you will continue on in life and your learning curve continues on mostly a predetermined course.

That’s mostly what happens but not entirely and for many, changes in circumstances or indeed even attitudes can lead to deviations in one’s expected life journey with all the uncertainties and instability that comes with it.

Depending on what stage of life’s journey you decide on a change will determine the size of the impact it has on your life. 

Quite obviously a complete change in career will not have the same impact if you decide just after leaving school that flipping burgers at the local Mac Donald’s is not your long term goal than if you decide after you are half way through your mortgage, have three children all of which showing signs of a career via Oxford university that you have been in the wrong job for the last twenty years!

With either option learning is a criteria and if you can earn while you learning you are will be ticking a lot of positive boxes, and that should be your short term goal.

The digital world is replacing what ever the other world was and this blog is for those looking to get involved in this whole new world..

Look around you, what’s left of the high street? Actually it’s still there but now you don’t need to trudge through the sleet and snow looking for that elusive Christmas gift or that impossible to find for the impossible to please.

Now it’s all available from your couch and the ability to sell or market to the couch potatoes out there, regardless of what industry you are in, will become more and more essential as time goes on and will determine your ultimate success.

Learning can be an expensive past time but not always and with a little research you can find the right platform on line that offers a nice balance between free and paying to learn.

One such site that has been around a while and keeps getting bigger and offering more in terms of free guidance and advice with a free learning program including free websites with hosting is Wealthy Affiliate.

Its not an affiliate site, although they do offer you an affiliate incentive which will allow you to earn while you learn, it is so much more and you will have to try very hard to find any negative comments about the site.

Always worth a visit. After all if you don’t like what you get you can always go back to what you had!

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