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How to become an online entrepreneur?

Firstly you should probably ask yourself….

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is sometimes described as someone who makes money through risk and or initiative.

This is a very loose definition and covers the full spectrum from wanna be entrepreneurs to the Gates and Bransons of the World.

Ideally an entrepreneur would need to be a risk taker but one with drive and ambition and a desire to achieve self-imposed goals using his own skills and ideas.

Characteristics that helping you along the road to success would include.

  • Persistence. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is any successful business. Research any business today that has become a house hold name, none of them just “happened”, there are always struggles and obstacles along the way, it is the persistent that created the success.
  • Be passionate. It will be incredibly difficult to be persistent in a project or business that you have no passion for, why would you? If you believe in what you are doing you are already a long way down your road to success.
  • Risk. You no longer have a boss, which is all well and good but no boss means no formal income. There will be many risks you will take along the rocky road but giving up your income for your beliefs is a risk many are not prepared to take which stops or at the very least slows down what you are hoping to achieve.
  • Be resourceful and innovative almost not worth mentioning this one. If you were not resourceful and innovative you probably would not even be looking at the journey to self employment and self-fulfilment. This then is a characteristic that would be a prerequisite to becoming and entrepreneur and maybe should be at the start of this list?

What you should be doing to become an online entrepreneur

This is not about how to become one, that part becomes easy after you have realised what you should be doing. This will make more sense by the time you have finished this article.

  • Taking action is the most important! I am totally convinced that this is the most common obstacle every budding entrepreneur encounters which more often than not stems from one or both of two things,
    • A fear of failure
    • Lack of specific knowledge.
  • Find someone to guide you through what ever the problem is that you are having. This is applicable if you are completely new to online entrepreneurship of are making six figures a month, there is always someone who knows more than you. There is an anomaly in that statement of course… someone out there must know it all?
  • Join a community of like-minded people or even look to create one. The simplest way to learn is by learning from people who have been or are already there. Choose carefully. There are many niche specific groups and communities to join.
  • Beware of scams and MLM schemes, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS!
  • Research and review. Bit of an obvious one this, who would buy anything these days without making sure it is right for you. You did it when bricks and mortar stores where all the rage (you would never have bought as new pair of jeans with of first trying them on) so makes sense when buying/joining something on line.
  • One thing at a time! I have highlighted that because it needs to be! Do one thing properly, do it until you have achieved your intended goal with that particular project. The phrase jack of all trades but master of none was probably coined by a frustrated early entrepreneur who tried to be everything to everyone and failed to be good at anything… makes sense? Maybe sounds familiar. You can be a master of many… but just one at a time!
  • You are who you are! Recognise that, choose your niche or business that embraces this, and more importantly do what you believe in, which would make being passionate so much easier.

To sum it all up…. Knowledge!

Knowledge is going to sort most if not all the problems encountered with startling or even continuing your on line career and finding pertinent knowledge can sometimes be frustrating and difficult.

There are many communities out there in cyber land, do your research.

A site I would recommend as it gives you two free profit ready websites plus basic boot camp affiliate marketing training again at no cost. This is great in that it lets you have a good look around before moving forward with their comprehensive training and mentoring with live chat from over 1.4 million members.

Have a look at my review on this learning community which should give you enough knowledge to give you an informed decision.

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