What is Wealthy Affiliate? What is Wealthy Affiliate not?

My review on the Wealthy Affiliate Community after being a member…. twice!

Why twice? Because the first time around my interests were different, I was not yet sure what I was looking for and internet marketing was still gaining momentum and not quite recovered from the Dot.com failures in the early 2000’s.

What I did not want was to have to pay for something that I was not going to get any benefit from and like many people had gone down the futile road of Multi Level Marketing.

Multi level marketing has it’s place, obviously as it is still around, but has evolved from pure pyramid schemes of the past where only the first few made any money. I mention MLM in this review only because WA is not that.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About

In order to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about you first need to understand what it isn’t.

  • It is not a get rich quick plan
  • It is not a scam of any description.
  • It is not Multi level marketing, you do not have to buy a service or a product to be a starter member and being a premium member is everything that it says on the tin. There is no hidden costs anywhere, quite the opposite really.

Let’s talk about many peoples single biggest online fear… Scams!

Many people have being taken in by them.Not you?

Perhaps not but scams are become more and more sophisticated and quite often you have no idea you have been scammed until you have lost money.

Personal scam case study (and I was fully aware that it could happen)

I am super aware of scams and quite recently I had a look at an affiliate program I was interested in which offered something for free.

All well and good but before you could access it you had to pay a one off admin fee, not a lot but was still a fee. I paid it because it offered money back if not satisfied and most purchases are covered by your 60 day statutory rights.

It was a load of garbage and I immediately asked them for my money back and was ignored… three times… so went to my bank and cancelled the payment.

This the bank did but mentioned that if the merchant could prove it was a legitimate payment they would re debit my account.

All was good for exactly 60 days after the purchase when the merchant informed the bank it was a legitimate purchase and I got debited, despite letters to the bank.

This is a problem and one you should be very aware of when dealing with merchants or communities that you have never heard of. Always review a product before you commit to it.

How you can be sure Wealthy Affiliate is not a SCAM?

  • There are 1.4 million members and growing every day. You have to be really good to fool that many people all the time!
  • The community is 14 years old! Again continuity like this has to mean something?The frustration of online scams
  • It’s FREE. Not all of it but there is a starter membership that is completely free which by the time you have worked through the starter training and got your 2 FREE hosted websites up and running you will be in a better position to make up your mind as to the value of this community.
  • It offers you a way of Earning while you are learning. This is not a prerequisite and not what the community is all about, it’s just an added bonus should you wish take advantage of it.
    You don’t pay to take part just in case you were wandering.

Wealthy Affiliate started 14 years ago and although I wasn’t a member would hazard a guess, owing to the name, that it was mainly a site to teach people the mechanics of Affiliate Marketing, which 14 years ago would have been a good thing in itself.

The Wealthy part is true but does give the impression that it’s a given that joining the community will ensure Wealth. This is not true but can be!

Joining WA (and more on why later) will give you a huge kick start in the right direction and is one of those communities were the more you want to get out of it the more you will get but in order to achieve what you looking for requires work.

Back to what Wealthy Affiliate is all about

So having hopefully shown you what Wealthy Affiliate is not it’s time to look at what it is or can be for you.

There are many benefits being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community so let’s have a look at some of them. The benefits to you personally will of course depend on what you are looking for and how much effort you are prepared to put in to achieve your goals.. what ever they may be.

Wealthy Affiliate has, over the last 14 years (as of 2019) developed into much more than just a learning platform to build your business. It has become an Entrepreneurs University where you can learn everything you could possibly need to start and develop your online business to a size determined only by you.

It is an interactive site with 24/7 live help. There are well over a million members who are a part of the community and are there to help. Someone in all those members will have the answer regardless of the complexity of your problem!

There are thousands of training modules and the hosting is state of the art.

That then is a brief overview of the site and it gets a little more in depth from here so please feel free to leave if at this point if you think this is not what you are looking for.

What is it that you want to achieve?

When was the last time you took a really good look at the High Street? There is a new kid on the block which is taking over many of the retail outlets. It’s called “To Let” It’s taking over more and more stores and maybe now time to ask why?

Greed, shortsightedness, old-fashioned ideas are some of the reasons but it has been compounded by a move from brick and mortar retail outlets to cyberspace.

Look at the big retailers who are shutting outlets everywhere and basically in the doodoo, then look at the ex high street retailers who appear to have disappeared but came back stronger as an Online retail outlet. There are many examples of both which for sake of propriety will not be mentioned. Google them!

One of the fundamental objectives these days, and going to become increasingly so, is the desire to work from home or have the ability to work anywhere in the World ( A Lap top lifestyle) and with that desire of course comes the need to learn how to achieve it.

And this of course then needs somewhere to learn or develop further what you already know.

Learning is just that… and learning equals knowledge and the right knowledge equals earning potential.

Your motivation may not be to earn more money it may simply be to write a Blog about your life experience or show off creations or a passion you may have. It does not matter what you motivation is, if you want to enter the digital internet World there are many aspects to it that needs to be learnt and Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how and in addition offer you every tool and resource you need to succeed.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is always up to date and because of member contributions to the training platforms guarantee that any current trends and ideas are always available to members.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: This list is rather long and each year continues to grow as the community grows exponentially with continued membership contributions and training. Bear with me or just look for what WA offers in your sphere of your interest or niche.

    1. It is a members community, I have listed this as the first good point because with well over a million members you are going to find the answer to ANY problem you may have.
    2. Join WA and the first ten affiliate training lessons are free, no credit card no nothing. This is a huge benefit and should be a part of anyone s review criteria. You should not have to pay anything until you are satisfied you and your specific goals are going to benefit. Common sense really. Click here for more info on free membership.
      1. Further to the above there is no contract, unlike that hotel somewhere in California you can leave any time you like.
      2. To help you a little further, when or if you decide you want to see what the additional benefits of becoming a premium member are you will get your first month hugely discounted. Still don’t like it… no problem just leave.
    3. A live chat function. A great feature when you have a problem that needs immediate attention
    4. Price I’m going to mention this now as it may be a good time to see what becoming a full member would cost you just to keep in the back of your mind when adding up the cost that many of the benefits would cost you individually. The all in cost is $49 per month with annual payment discounts. Keep that figure in mind because the first thing you get is…
    5. 50 Hosted websites at NO extra cost. The income potential with just this is huge.
    6. Comprehensive step by step training more often than not in easy to understand video.
    7. As a full member you have access to 70 Affiliate Bootcamp training lessons, 50 online certification courses and over 900 training modules which quite honestly cover just about everything you will need to know about setting up your website with everything that goes with that including how to monetise blog, choosing your profitable niche, SEO…. the list is endless.
    8. Superb web hosting. SiteSpeed is a technology owned by WA designed to speed up websites for higher rankings
    9. A boot camp affiliate training which is available to starter members. This is great as it allows you to start earning a commission as an affiliate before you spend any money at all.
    10. A personal blog Wealthy Affiliate is well-known and respected by search engines like Google and your blog on WA has great potential to get listed on search engine sites.
    11. 1on1 coaching everything with this site is geared up to helping you succeed.
    12. Access to all 13 interactive classrooms
    13. Access keyword searches in the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool This is available to starter members too but limited.
    14. Live Weekly Webinar Training with Live Q&A sessions

For the more technically minded.

  • Access to Tech Support 24-hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Website analysis, comment and feedback platforms
  • Free SSL Certificates for encrypted security important this and often overlooked.
  • Anti-Spam protection on all websites
  • Website health details

The not so good

  1. The name of the community. 14 years ago affiliate marketing was in it’s infancy and Wealthy Affiliate would have been a great name to promote an affiliate opportunity. Who doesn’t want to be wealthy! It is in my opinion a bit of a stumbling block now as the site is so much more than an affiliate site and the wealthy part of the name implies something that is not a given, which in the justifiably suspicious online World these days is not a good thing.
  2. WA is a very busy site and can be quite an overwhelming platform and very distracting at times. It is because it is site that offers so much that being “busy” is stuck in the not so good section.
  3. I genuinely can not find anything to add to the “not so good” list which probably makes the more suspicious people out there even more so, bearing in mind the adage “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is” but WA ticks all the boxes for literally every aspect of online marketing and internet entrepreneurs.

So Who would Wealthy Affiliate benefit

Bearing in mind the thoroughness and professionalism of the training it would be easier to list the people who would NOT benefit from WA

A bit of an over simplification there but basically it is for anyone who wants to LEARN TO EARN!

There are in excess of a thousand different training modules available to members, each module or class room will teach you a different income generating business model.
So if you have any interest in any of the following you are going to find WA invaluable to you.

  • Building your own website
  • Earning a living or adding to your income
  • Starting a Blog
  • Monetising your Blog
  • Start an online shop
  • A Lap top lifestyle
  • Looking for fast reliable hosting
  • Looking to learn about WordPress

It is difficult to think of a niche, industry or interest that would not benefit from Wealthy Affiliates training.

WA is not just for beginners, everyone starts out as a beginner regardless of who you are and people don’t leave the WA community once they have achieved their initial goals and earning the income they were looking for and you have to ask your self why?

It’s simply because of the exponential growth of WA! There is always more to learn and always problems that occur in what ever your passion or niche is and a community like this is somewhere where the answers will usually be found.

An even more important aspect of WA, which is extremely cost effective, and has been mentioned here but needs another mention. The Web Hosting. It is safe fast and with 50 hosted websites available to you the $49 per month (price includes the 50 hosted sites) becomes insignificant when you consider the earning potential of the websites you can build and host for other people.
More on that here.

In a nut shell

It is difficult not to be overly effusive about Wealthy Affiliate which may appear to be a little pushy which is why I would urge anyone interested in any of the aforementioned benefits of this community to simply go have a look.

There are no up front costs and nothing keeping you in if you find it’s not for you.

My verdict?

Completely legit with many more benefits than could be mentioned in a review this short!

Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself you literally have nothing to lose and perhaps everything to gain!

Just a quick reminder below of your options and benefits


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