Income from Hosted Websites

You have made the decision to join the Wealthy Affiliate Community which besides the many other benefits allows you to host up to 50 websites at no extra cost. Good time to point out here that even the free membership gives you two hosted websites.

Think of the potential here?

If you are not up to speed with website creation you very soon will be. I am assuming here that you have taken the decision to become part of the WA community.

So you have the knowledge to create beautiful websites and have the means to host them and that there is where the potential to earn money comes in.

Do some research, creating a website will cost money, a simple one will not cost much under $300 just to create. Then you can offer to maintain it for a monthly fee. Plenty people looking to outsource their website work. And then of course there is the monthly hosting fee. Your WA subscriptions work out to less than $1 per month per website, you do the maths and a little research.

OK so just in case you don’t lets look at the potential income you have with your 50 websites.

A simple hosted WordPress website is going to cost around $100 a year which is just the domain and hosting costs, cheaper options can be found but thisis for a half decent hosting service. Your WA hosting cost $12 for the year plus the domain cost of around another $12. So just for a basic website you looking at around $70 per year per website profit.

Assuming you keep a couple of websites for your self, by doing very little you can make yourself around $3000 a year with your WA subs paid for. But why stop there?

By being a member of WA you will soon learn how to, and be able to:

  • Fully develop a Website
  • Optimize a site for SEO
  • Set up sharing plugins
  • Set up analytics in Google Bing and Yahoo
  • Endure Marketing optimisation
  • Analyse through FB pixles
  • Basically offer a fully optimized profit ready website

What would a website like that be worth to someone?

Do the research again. A package like that fully hosted would cost at an absolute minimum $2000 and depending on what your client wants up to figures in the tens of thousands.

Now do the maths on what your hosted websites are worth.

Remember in the land of the blind the one eyed jack is King!

You WILL know so much more about what setting up a website and keeping it up to date involves than many millions and millions of wannabe entrepreneurs out there do, so capitalise on that.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate have a quick look here.

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