Just not on the High Street (anymore)

Has the High Street failed?

Probably a rhetorical question and if not yet will be soon. Have you had a look at the one in your town recently, unless you are defying the odds chances are the predominant “landlord” taking over the shops at an alarming rate is the company called TO LET?

Then take a closer look at the outlets that are not bedecked with a To Let sign and have a look at what they are selling!

It is unbelievable how many people need a haircut and how often. A stroll down the high street popping into every food outlet will have you in need of a stomach pump by the end. No criticism implied on the food quality here just the sheer quantity of places to put food in your mouth, but there is a bright side because in between the hairdressers and food outlets you can buy bigger clothes for very little while at the same time appeasing any guilt you may have for any lack of donation to charity.

Any space left will not get you a meaningful shopping experience but will allow you to spend your hard-earned money betting on whether a horse is going to win or not which is OK because you can always draw some more money from the multitudes of banks still on the high street, but getting smaller by the day. Sorry but if you looking to post a parcel chances are your post office has moved on.

There is a common denominator in most of the remaining shops.

They can not sell their wares or services on line. Try as you might but an internet haircut will just not be an option, or at least not yet. Food is food… difficult to think of it as a digital concept.

The banks and betting outlets will fairly soon succumb to cyberspace and if you think supermarkets will not disappear then you have not heard about Amazon, Pay and Collect (or pay and get our drone to drop it off) or closer to the here and now have you noticed how few human counter people there are these days?

So what is the point here?

Change! There is change happening, at a very rapid pace, and along with that is a very real need for people to recognise it. The reasons the high street is no longer the “go to” place to find everything is not the point, its not going to revert back to that, it is what you if you are a retailer are going to do about it.

The closure of branches and indeed whole companies that were once described as High street brands sends out a strong signal, and even more so by the success of the ones that saw the “cyber” light many years ago and moved from bricks and mortar to online selling in all its various forms.

So unless you are cutting hair or selling kebabs give some thought to looking to the very near future and find alternative ways of selling your product or services.

Just a final thought… it’s not just the high street. 

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