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It’s all on the internet

The great thing about the internet is that you can find anything you want, within reason, I hope!

What is also great is that you could probably find what ever you are looking for, for free. But think about that for a second or two. Free is good if it’s a do-nut shop or some other tangible item, something with an obvious perceived value.

However unless it is a Government sponsored learning program how much actual value would a free training program give you?

A course teaching you how to do something has been compiled by someone who has spent many hours getting it right and he or she presumably has a value on their time?

So ask yourself… would you give something away for free that you have spent many many hours on? Your time, on anything not just a learning program? The answer really shouldn’t be yes unless you place no value on your time!

So then if you think that free might not in fact be quite what we are looking for in terms of end results what should we be looking for? Quite simply……

Value for money

Value is a very personal perception and there are many sites offering great value for money on say a video tutorial on landscape water colour painting, which is great and in many cases you will get something very similar on You-tube for nothing and it is possible to get a great deal of value from video tutorials on specific subjects.

But look at the greater picture! Learning how to change your spark plugs on your car by watching a video does not make you a mechanic, a step by step tutorial on painting your fruit bowl may give you the immediate end result you are looking for but does not make you an artist. You get the picture.. proper learning takes commitment and more importantly SUPPORT!

Internet is changing rapidly, or more accurately how we buy or find what we are looking for is changing and learning to take advantage of this is basically what this post is all about.

Online University

This is what you should be looking for and there are many of them out there, and many are great, but having spent a bit of time looking around with strict criteria for what I was looking for one online community kept cropping up and I eventually had a look around.

The first thing I noticed about this community was that it has been around for 14 odd years and has an ever increasing membership.. (currently around 1.5 million) This filled 2 of my requirements, Commitment and support, not my commitment but with that sort of longevity who ever owned the site had to have a great deal of the stuff.

The next thing that I noticed was that they do indeed offer free tuition along with free set up and customisable websites with a potential to actually earn money while learning. That was an unexpected bonus.

Now because this is a membership site there is a membership fee to pay but only if you want to join and does not tie you in to any contract.

So lots of boxes ticked here.

Some research showed that the monthly fee had not changed in 14 years although what was on offer had increased and still does, significantly year on year.

So who would this online University benefit?

Wealthy Affiliate university Basically anyone looking to join the Digital World which is rapidly becoming just about everyone with the few exceptions already mentioned.

Do not be fooled by the name, this site is so much more than Affiliate marketing. This is not a review of the site for that, and you should always review something that can cost you something (even time) have a look here

It costs you nothing to look and could possible have an incredibly positive affect on your life.

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