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We all have a story to tell? We all want to earn a living doing something we love? I’m not sure who was the author of the saying “find a job you love and you will never work again” was and maybe a little misquoted but the message is that doing something you really love is not considered work.

Don’t for one minute think that writing is not work, it is but if its something you love….? Better than stacking shelves right? This article is not about teaching anyone how to write, you wouldn’t be here if you were looking to do that, its all about Earning through writing!

There are many ways of earning money by writing and we will look at a few and how you can benefit from them without compromising your love of writing.

Some ways to earn (through writing)

Blogging: This can be one of the easiest ways to make money on line and the best way to get your thoughts and ideas out there in the Cyber World. I say easy but if you write a million words and no one knows about them or reads them then what?

Do not believe the “gurus” who tell you to sign up with them to guarantee traffic, conversions, money rolling in etc etc… it doesn’t work that way. No one can guarantee you any of those, only you can but you need to learn how and it need not cost you a penny/cent or any lowest denomination currency.  

Again as this post is not about how to write I will not go into details but WordPress is a great blogging platform, is free and can even be self hosted but you still need to learn how. The site I use for learning and hosting is Wealthy Affiliate and suggest that you have a quick look at a review here and see what its all about… it will cost you nothing to look and to learn the basics including two free website.

There are multiple as to earn money from a blog once and only once you have traffic coming to your site.

  • The quickest and simplest way is promoting what ever it is you market or sell including, but not exclusively Affiliate marketing. This is done through including links in your content.
  • CPC which is Cost per Click adverts placed along side your blog posts. I relevant to your blog people reading what you write may click on the advert and you can earn revenue from this.
  • Google. Following on from CPC if your site is set up right you can subscribe to Google AdSense which will automatically place relevant adverts on your blog which you will earn money from. There are many other sites offering this such as Chitika, Infolinks, and Always research your options!

Guest Blogging: It is what it says on the tin. There is always a need for content and with a little research you will find many many sites willing to pay for quality relevant content. Remember you are the guest… find out what your host wants and needs and conform to that!

Affiliate Marketing: What has this to do with your writing skills? Everything really.  We have talked about CPC which is automated and does not get you interacting with a client and we touched on Affiliate marketing. Its a tough competitive World out there in Cyberland and to get noticed you need great content. CPC does earn you a revenue but very small whereas with Affiliate Marketing your percentage earnings for some Digital products are huge and 100% if you create your own.

You can if it is relevant, place ads directly into your content like this…

Online learning

There are no shortcuts, trying to jump straight in without learning will be one huge avalanche of frustration and confusion. Again  review here

A little learning could be incremental to your wealth!

Create your own product: You a writer so write an eBook! Not as difficult as it sounds. What is your passion? What do you know that you could teach to other people? There is software out there that makes it easy to format an eBook and there are plenty of print on demand sites if you want to market the “paper version” You are only limited by your imagination!

Content Marketing: Not the same as guest blogging though similar in that you are creating content more as a business. You need to have an understanding of what people are looking for ut it is no different to the content you would be creating for your own marketing. Companies looking for great content that will get them leads is a great way of earning money. You do need to know a lot of “stuff” about your market. However once you know what a certain market niche is looking for you can advertise yourself as an expert. In the land of the blind the one eyed Jack is King.

Remember writing is about writing! So write! And read!

The more you do something the better you will get at it and don’t restrict yourself to earning money on line, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money in the non digital world.

Research and learn, this article has barely touched the massive writer’s market and earning opportunities out there!

You could of course always write a book?!

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