Wealthy Affiliate Online Learning Community and hosting platform (a tested & candid review)

What is Wealthy Affiliate

I’m going to start off by saying that Wealthy Affiliate is not the best name for this online community and learning centre.

It is probably why the logo has been shortened to just WA. Anything with the name “wealth” in it usually gets peoples “scam alert” sensors going and quite rightly so. The number of scams increases every day which highlights the importance of doing proper research before you part with any money.

Remember very little of anything with a REAL value is free!

In order to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about you first need to understand what it isn’t.

The internet can be a minefield of contradicting information and misinformation. Quite rightly, many people’s biggest fears revolve around online scams and being taken in by them.

Not you? Perhaps not but scams are becoming more and more sophisticated. Quite often you have no idea you have been scammed until you have lost money.

I am super aware of scams. Recently I had a look at an affiliate program I was interested in which offered something for free.

All well and good but before you could access it you had to pay a one-off admin fee. Not a lot but was still a fee. I paid it because it offered money back if not satisfied. Most purchases are covered by your 60-day statutory rights. You would think?

It was a load of garbage and I immediately asked them for my money back and was ignored… three times so went to my bank and cancelled the payment.

This the bank did but mentioned that if the merchant could prove it was a legitimate payment they would re-debit my account.

All was good for exactly 60 days after the purchase. The merchant then informed the bank it was a legitimate purchase. I got debited again, despite letters to the bank.

With a little knowledge you can avoid scams

This is a problem and one you should be very aware of when dealing with merchants or communities that you have never heard of.

So to the review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Very importantly it started 16 years ago. Although I wasn’t a member would hazard a guess that it was mainly a site to teach people the mechanics of Affiliate Marketing. This 16 years ago would have been a good thing in itself. Affiliate marketing was still a fairly new concept. Amazon, the biggest affiliate marketing company, only started 25 odd years ago selling books!

The Wealthy part is true but does give the impression that it’s a given that joining the community will ensure Wealth. This is not true but can be!

Joining WA will give you a huge kick start in the right direction. This is one of those communities where the more you want to get out of it the more you will get.

However, to achieve what you are looking for requires work. This is not somewhere you would go to get rich quickly if there is such a place.

It can be something of that elusive “real value” people look for.

To recap what Wealthy Affiliate is not:

  • It is not a get rich quick plan
  • Nor is not a scam of any description.
  • In no shape or form is it Multi-level marketing, you do not have to buy a service or a product.

Getting scammed has become harder to detect as methods get more sophisticated. So to put your mind at rest consider this

  1. There are 1.4 million members on this site and growing every day. You have to be really good to fool that many people all the time!
  2. The community is 16 years old! Again continuity like this has to mean something?
  3. It’s FREE. Not all of it but there is a starter membership that is completely free. By the time you have worked through the starter training and got your 2 FREE hosted websites up and running, you will be in a better position to make up your mind as to the value of this community.
  4. It offers you a way of Earning while you are learning. This is not a prerequisite and not what the community is all about. It’s just an added bonus should you wish to take advantage of it.
    You don’t pay to take part just in case you were wondering.

What WA can do for you

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits to you of joining a community such as WA. T

There are many benefits of being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Too many to list and they increase every day as members keep adding value and updated information.

We can have a look at some of them. The benefits to you personally will of course depend on what you are looking for.

Why would you want to learn how to start an online business and market it effectively?

When was the last time you took a really good look at the High Street? There is a new kid on the block which is taking over many of the retail outlets. It’s called “To Let”  It’s taking over more and more stores.

It’s maybe time to ask why and what it means to the future of traders, online or otherwise?

Greed, shortsightedness, old fashioned ideas are some of the reasons the high streets are failing. This has been compounded by an increasing move away from brick and mortar retail outlets to online retailing.

Look at the big retailers who are shutting outlets everywhere and are basically in the crap. Now look at the ex-high street retailers who appear to have disappeared. Then came back stronger as an Online retail outlet!

To Let, the main sign on the high street today

There is a message there?

There are many examples of both examples. For the sake of propriety will not be mentioned. Google them!

So what’s the point here?

Today many more people are looking to find ways of making money online, for many reasons. “Bricks and mortar” jobs are likewise disappearing at the same rate as the retail outlets are!

If this is not causing you to have a few twinges of worry it should be.

Here are some more reasons to relook at where you would like to be in the future. Do any of these “alarm bells” apply to you?


Of course, Covid has to be mentioned as it has made such an impact on everyone’s lives.

There is a belief that jobs are not as secure as we thought they were? There is also a realisation that many jobs can be done from home. Vast numbers of employees can be cut back in some industries. This should be ringing massive alarm bells!

There has never been a better time to learn how to become an online businessman. Learn properly from like-minded people who all have similar beliefs and desires that you do.

The increase in automation

Automation is hailed as a boon for anyone who employs people to make their business work. The more automatic you make your business the fewer people you have to employ. No industry is safe from automation. Think about that, any industry can be automated to a degree even the building and food industry. 

Not so good if you are reliant on one of those businesses for a living and they are busy swapping you for a robot!

Just a thought to consider, without people working and earning who will your customers be?

Automation a blessing or a curse?

How are you going to earn a living?

Maybe a rhetorical question, at the moment. The future can be quite different and especially with 5G technology rolling out cyber-based businesses are going to be the future.

Learning how and keeping up to date will be the key to your success

Despite what you may think, based often on false claims and promises, earning money on the internet requires work, determination, and perseverance.

If someone promises you a quick get rich scheme.. get out quick!

So…To sum it all up

If you are looking for a way to learn, not just the basics of creating an online business but to keep up to date with changing marketing methods then W.A. as an online teaching and support community has to be up there with the best available.

WA has not increased its cost of membership since it started 16 years ago. Because of its World Wide membership base the value has increased massively in that time.

More importantly, you are kept up to date with the ever-changing ideas and trends as they happen.

It is part and parcel of what you can expect in every aspect of online entrepreneurship learning.

You will be taught everything you need to know to start your own successful online marketing business. Affiliate marketing or otherwise, starting with hosting and building your own website.

Just a reminder you can do that for free. You will have plenty of time, and learn enough, to give you a complete understanding of what you will be getting from this site without risking a penny of your own money.

Not the least of the benefits of this community, your membership includes 50 hosted websites. Do the maths and a little research into other hosting sites. This is a huge benefit to anyone looking to earn a living from the internet.

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