Automation and what it means to you

Pick a work sector, anyone, most will be affected in some degree by automation with resultant job losses. How this will affect you will largely be determined by your age. At school or just leaving choose your career wisely, retirement in your sights you may not be overly affected, not overly! In the middle of your working

Get Online With Complete Online Training And Support

Getting online, and everything that involves can be very confusing! It is probably safe to say that going forward we are going to change the way we think, how we shop, how we socialise and even how we work! What was once important to you may no longer be so much? Values have changed. Perceptions

Online problem saving training videos & tutorials

Taking the confusion out of solving online problems with easy to follow video tutorials Do you find there are seemingly endless small problems you encounter every day when creating, updating, fine tuning your website? And then your marketing is not giving you the results you expected, maybe your copy is not converting or your site

Make money writing (Online)

We all have a story to tell? We all want to earn a living doing something we love? I’m not sure who was the author of the saying “find a job you love and you will never work again” was and maybe a little misquoted but the message is that doing something you really love

Learn to earn online (with over a million others)

It’s all on the internet The great thing about the internet is that you can find anything you want, within reason, I hope! What is also great is that you could probably find what ever you are looking for, for free. But think about that for a second or two. Free is good if it’s

Just not on the High Street (anymore)

Has the High Street failed? Probably a rhetorical question and if not yet will be soon. Have you had a look at the one in your town recently, unless you are defying the odds chances are the predominant “landlord” taking over the shops at an alarming rate is the company called TO LET? Then take

Free hosting website

Two Beautiful fully hosted websites with full step by step affiliate training and its Free. Sometimes the word FREE can start ringing all sorts of “is it a scam” warning bells and so it should. Making sure you are getting something that satisfies your needs in any form should be a basic requirement so do

Why you should understand your customer

Understanding your customer expectations and requirements is paramount if you intend to sell your product. This applies to any product, digital or otherwise so let’s have a look at what your customer’s will probably be looking for from you. Does it work? That it works is not the requirement here, you wouldn’t sell it if

Customer Insights and profiles

It does not matter what you do or what your niche is or even if you sell digital products or have a hardware shop in a sea side resort where the sea air rusts all your products the one common denominator they all have is that in order to survive you need customers. Now not