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Wealthy Affiliate (a tested & candid review)

What is Wealthy Affiliate About In order to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about you first need to understand what it isn’t. The internet can be a minefield of contradicting information and often misinformation and, quite rightly many people’s biggest fears revolve around online scams and being taken in by them. Not you? Perhaps […]

Why you should understand your customer

Understanding your customer expectations and requirements is paramount if you intend to sell your product. This applies to any product, digital or otherwise so let’s have a look at what your customer’s will probably be looking for from you. Does it work? That it works is not the requirement here, you wouldn’t sell it if […]

What is Wealthy Affiliate? What is Wealthy Affiliate not?

My review on the Wealthy Affiliate Community after being a member…. twice! Why twice? Because the first time around my interests were different, I was not yet sure what I was looking for and internet marketing was still gaining momentum and not quite recovered from the failures in the early 2000’s. What I did […]

Online Entrepreneurship programs

How to become an online entrepreneur? Firstly you should probably ask yourself…. What is an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is sometimes described as someone who makes money through risk and or initiative. This is a very loose definition and covers the full spectrum from wanna be entrepreneurs to the Gates and Bransons of the World. Ideally […]