Chances are that even if you have experience in the online entrepreneurship World you may find the rapidly changing trends in what people are looking for somewhat confusing?

Social Media and the different ways each platform advertisers is not constant and another source of frustration. No sooner have you mastered the basics and become good at it.. they move the goalposts.

We have found (and use ourselves & not just for hosting) a site that will keep you constantly up to date with the ever changing online World. 

This is a community of over one million members who come from all over the World with very different experiences and abilities and all more than willing to help anyone who needs it.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a great name for this community site and was named 15 years ago when it first started when everyone and their uncle wanted to learn about Affiliate Marketing,

It is so much more than an affiliate training site and probably why they have shortened the logo to just WA.

Not wanting to bore you with all the features and benefits of this community we have given you a brief look at what you can get out of this community and why it can benefit anyone interested in ALL aspects of online marketing, blogging or just creating a brilliant website for your company.

The chart below gives you everything you can expect from either your Free membership or your premium one

  • There are 1.4 million members and growing every day. You have to be really good to fool that many people all the time!
  • The community is 15 years old! Again continuity like this has to mean something?
  • It’s FREE. Not all of it but there is a starter membership that is completely free which by the time you have worked through the starter training and got your 2 FREE hosted websites up and running you will be in a better position to make up your mind as to the value of this community.
  • It offers you a way of Earning while you are learning. This is not a prerequisite and not what the community is all about, it’s just an added bonus should you wish take advantage of it.
    You don’t pay to take part just in case you were wandering.
  • You are not tied into any contract you do not want to be in, although there are significant discounts for annual payments, but nobody’s choice but yours.
  • As a premium member you monthly costs includes 50 hosted websites!
  • The keyword research tool is second to none if you check nothing else out when having a look don’t give this tool a miss!
  • It mentions Live Video Classes but not what they mean to you. There are literally 100’s of video tutorials and more added every day, they cover just about every conceivable problem and solution in everything to do with any issue you may have. 

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