Photography for the confused

Cameras are still around Despite popular (Smart phone) belief cameras can and do take brilliant photo’s

The World of photography is changing rapidly with Smartphones now taking photos as brilliantly as many traditional cameras but this site is about learning a skill that earns money. Waving your phone around at a wedding expecting to get a professional fee is probably not going to happen

So feel free to have a look at some of these courses selected to get you on, and keep you on the journey to making money out of photography.

Because so many people use their cameras on their phones we had added a few courses to look into which will make your photos even more stunning… Enjoy

Courses from £9.99 all with full 30 day money back guarantee

Beginner Photography

Architecture Photography

Turn Your Photography into a Business

Portrait Photography Masterclass: 10 courses

Smartphone Photography

Newborn Baby Photography

Photography For Beginners: Master Camera Settings

The beginners guide to photography: a camera crash course