Photography for the confused

    Do you own a DSLR but still take average, boring photos that you wouldn’t want anyone seeing?

    You have arrived here because of a desire to learn to earn so before I show you how to do that here are a few ways of earning a full time living through photography or even if you just want to add to your income through a really great hobby… but only if you do it properly! Be professional to become a professional!

    • Wedding photography: Even with the happy Smart Phone snappers getting in the way there is still good money to be made in this industry, not everyone is happy with their wedding photos being taken from Facebook downloads.
    • Photo shoots: Definitely a trending genre and once your have learnt how you can follow the trends. Right now, as in 2019, baby and new born photography is very popular.
    • Bounty Photographers: A good industry to get into and is basically a photo shoot in a hospital. A captive besotted audience!
    • Insurance Photography:  Plenty of work for good photographers out there for this genre, people buy jewellery and other valuables, people have accidents, all needs photographing.
    • Sell your photos: Do some research, there are many sites who will pay for your good photos and many other sites that allow users to download your photo and you get paid when they do.
    • Event photography: By event I mean anything where people are doing something. Track days, who wouldn’t want a well timed picture of them knee down on a corner, or that exact moment when little Johnny scored the goal or even you belting out your favourite song at a karaoke event. This is a huge money earner, just remember to “sign the deal” at the time. They may not think that pose looks so good the next morning when the hangover hits!

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