Photography Master Class review

    Digital Photography is many things to many people and there is certainly no end of help on the web and in real life classrooms where you can learn just about everything there is to learn about taking a great picture and this is a review of one of them based along Learn 2 earns criteria of offering value for money learning experiences that are not scams and offer you either free initial tuition or guarantees!

    So on to Photography Master Class Masterclass created by Evan Sharboneau:

    Is it a scam? No, he has helped millions of Digital Camera users over the years with many positive comments on his sites.

    Is it value for money? A basic course on how a camera works in a studio is going to cost you many hundreds of Pounds. So yes his course is incredible value for money. I am not going to put the price in here as it will probably be variable with periodic offers, best to check yourself but the costs is well below $100 and there are many add-ons extras so I’m going with yes it is value for money.

    Any free tuition? No but it offers and Blue Chip money back guarantee. You don’t offer this is if you do not offer something of exceptional value.

    A little about this course

    As with most modern teachings these days it is online video training.

    There is 11 hours of videos all geared up to helping you master photography in any genre.

    The course is modular and comes in four parts which covers

    The functions of your DSLR camera including:

      1. Comprehensive training on fundamentals that apply to every DSLR camera
      2. learning all about Full Manual Mode giving you have total control over the Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Focus, White Balance, Flash Modes, Metering Modes, and Shooting Modes
      3. Indoor photography and out door with all the relevant low light, bright light skills  needed to master these.
      4. Shooting in RAW skills which gives you ultimate control with editing.
      5. Learn how to correctly read a histogram, essential for great results.
    • The various devices and lens and filters you will use along with gaining knowledge on camera bodies, lighting and other accessories.
      1. Camera Bodies
        What should you look for in a camera bodysince all DSLR cameras take good pictures? Including how, what and where to buy.
      2. Camera Features
        Updating your camera, Sensor size. Do megapixels really matter and so much more.
      3. Lens Types and Configurations
        Focal length, what should you be looking for and what to buy? What genre are you in makes a difference.
      4. Filters
        What to buy, should you even use them?
      5. Lighting
        Its what photography is all about… Light.. Should you use speed lights, manual flashes, light modifiers. All got to be learnt.
      6. Accessories
        All the All the stuff you didn’t know you were supposed to have… or maybe not supposed to have?
    • The third module covers composition and light. Basically how to take brilliant photographs and covers:
      1. Mistakes everybody makes when starting off in photography and how to avoid them
      2. What makes a good photo and what makes a bad photo
      3. Psychological Triggers
      4. Framing, Balance, Colour
      5. The Rule of Thirds
      6. Leading Lines
      7. Symmetry & Pattern
      8. Depth of Field & Field of View
      9. Dynamics, Motion & Mergers
      10. Outdoor Light Management
      11. Light Set-Ups for aesthetically pleasing portraits
    • Finally it teaches you the art of editing with a comparison of Adobe® products to help you decide on what software is best for you.

    In conclusion

    Like everything that is offering something of value in return for something of value from you, in this case money, use due diligence… This photographic course is better than a lot of others out their and  tics all the boxes for those wishing to gain a sound knowledge of photography to further their earning potential or career opportunities.

    A definite 9.5/10

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